E-learning next revolution step is massive scale online collaboration

Whats the next step for Knowledge Development if not more of massive scale online collaboration?

We all seen what Massive Scale collaboration on Internet and the viral spread of coordination can bring to human mankind. Look at Wikpedia. Look at Twitter and Facebook.
Lots more is to come in the next decade.

You can see some of whats going on in the field of knowledge creating on a massive scale online collaboration when you watch Luiz van Ruiz new project Duolingo.

Klick Data has made a webplattform in knowledge that has been on the market since 2004. Its called Klickportal K3. It is a LMS plattform containing courses, tests and surveys and works perfect for companies that wants to enhance their staff in different fields of knowledge needed for the organizations to prosper in a learning based economy. It is based in the swedish market and used by many of the + 25000 custumers in Sweden. It is a Learning Managemant System

The offset of our efforts during 20 years of putting passion into the intersection of technology and learning.


We are currently working on a grand scale global system for learning.

What is Klickportal K3 and explain why this is good in 60 seconds

What is Klick Data?

Klick Data is a swedish public company that operates in the elearningspaceindustry since 1992 with focus on the webbased LMS Klickportal K3. (LMS= Learning Management System, sv. Klickportalen K3) .

What is K3 klilckportalenWhat is Klickportal K3 and what does it do?

Klickportal K3 is a world leading webbased tool (www.k3.nu) which helps companies and learning oriented organisations, such as public schools, universities and communities to enhance staff and students and make everyone learn easier and quicker to lower cost. 

How does Klickportal K3 help a company or an organisation ?

K3 provide the right learning content to the organisation with learning content, tests, ecourses, surveys and certification so that the right knowledge is at the right place in any organization. All organisations need to keep track of their knowledge development and Klickportal K3 does that in a smooth and smart way that makes knowledge management profitable from day 1.

That sounds great in general, but can you be more specific about Klickportal K3?

In Klickportral K3 there is several modules that work together.
For example: If you want your class or staff to learn something you use Klickportal as follows.

Example 1. Learningevent

A. You find the link or the material they have to learn, (anything, but introduction to the company, a subject in history, a wikipedia article, a PowerPointpresentation or a chapter in a book or a an ecourse)
B. As an administrator you log in to Klickportal and use the module U3 (Taskmaker U3) . You add a list of what to learn. (links, books, pdffiles, Word, Flash, ecourses)
C. You make a test with the Testproductionmodule QuizMaker Q3 and add this to the tasklist in Taskmaker U3.
D. Then you assign this learningevent to the members / staff / student you wish to make this class/ learningevent

Example 2. A survey

A. You wants to find out what people think and have their opinion before you make a decision and starts the surveymodule Opinion O3 in Klickportal K3
B. You make your questions in no time (using the templates that is already provided saves time)
C. You send the survey to an internal group (registred in K3) or external (custumers/ surveygroups eg.)

Example 3. Ecourses for software

A. You wants to find out how your favorite software from Microsoft and Adobe works and enhance your knowledge and skills in this program.
B. You order a title from Klick Data and learn by online training 24/7 in just a minute by order from our webbshop. No hassle. All cards accepted. (See list on the right. We have currently 14 titles in english)

Do you have some content already made or is K3 just a plattform for elearning ?

We contantly develop new functions, tests, surveys and ecourses in Klickportal K3 in english. As for now we have made
a. Over 200 test, questionaires and quizzez (see link).
b. 19 ecourses in most popular software from Microsoft and Adobe

It continues to grow every day, both with our clients make their own custumized tests based on ours or by themselvs in Testproduction Q3 module and tests and ecourses made by Klick Data to make more use for K3 for evevyone. This is what makes K3 so flexible and versitali in learning. Its a perfect tool for leaning as well as a contanet base for stuff that can be used or custumized developed for your organisation.

K3- passion for knowledge

PS. One more question: Why have we not heard about K3 oversees before?

Klick Data is a well known brand in the education market in Sweden with huge success in over 500000 started ecourses since 2004 with over 25000 customers and over 1,4 million licensed sold (Market: 9 million Swedes). We have not historically been focused on marketing our business overseas . We do have custumers and international clients and users all over the world and have now translated K3 into english and chinese. We see ourselvs as a small startup company with 18 years of working experience in combination with developing the worlds leading plattform for knowledge- K3. We dont want to be big. We want to be great for our custumers.

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Investor Relation: Klick Data is an e-learning company. We develp interactive computer based educational system Klickportal K3, with educational programs, tests and surveys. Klick Data AB (publ) is traded at the swedish stock exchange Aktietorget. Search for ticker KlicB:SS in Bloomberg App.